CATS is going to the cloud

With the ever changing technology in this world, we need to be ensure that our software is ahead of the game when it comes to ease of use, functionality and integration. For that reason Cats is transitioning to a web based application.

CATS will be fully cloud based (it is currently in the testing phase). That means that not just the data will be on the cloud but the entire application. The advantages of this are;

  • CATS will not need to be installed on any individual computers in the office or on a laptop
  • You will be able to access CATS from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access, including a mobile phone (so no need for an app)
  • Updates will be done behind the scenes, including updates of statutory forms such as LTO, SDO etc, so that each time you log on you will have the latest version of both CATS and these templates. Documents and templates you create will remain under your own control. Updates to Stamp Duty, Transfer Registration Fees and Water Usage Rates will also be seamless.
  • CATS will be platform independent so it will run on Microsoft systems, Apple Mac or indeed any device that can access the internet without any modification whatsoever.
  • Any system errors which occur will automatically be logged so they can be corrected as soon as they happen.
  • There will be little need for us to come to your office or even log in to assist with any problems arising from user issues. Training where required will still be done on site.


Other services we will continue to provide are

  • Fully integrated trust accounting that has been tried and proven for the last 10 years, with ongoing support from registered conveyancers and not specialist IT technicians.
  • Continued accessibility to your CATS system in the event your business is sold/you retire or you get fed up and quit. The only restriction will be is that you won’t be able to open new ‘matters’ as we now call them like they do in the East. So should you make the leap of faith and switch platforms, you will not lose that access and if you decide you don’t like the new system and want to come back to CATS, your data will be there.
  • CATS already allows you to run a paperless office if you so wish. All letters searches, documents both Word and pdf, emails etc can be saved to your file (back to SA terminology) instead of keeping hard copies. Has anyone tried reading a 700 Page form 1 on screen? J
  • The CATS ‘cloud’ will be hosted by a large, professional company using state of the art data storage and encryption systems, and not on our own premises. Data is backed up on servers at an entirely different location. You can look them up at this link . If the systems go down on one site, the other site will seamlessly take over until the main site is back on, and you will not notice
  • There is no condition in your CATS user agreement binding you for a fixed term.
  • CATS is completely independent of any professional or  representative bodies, so we are not confined in our dealings with our customers’ requests in regards to content and development.