A complete, built-in trust account management system is included, no add-ons required. CATS is able to manage all aspects of your trust account including:

  • Trust Account reconciliation supported by the following automatically generated reports;
    • Unpresented cheques and EFT’s
    • List of ledger balances
    • Unbanked receipts
    • Reconciliation summary

The above reports can also be printed at any time for any chosen period as well as;

  • Cheques issued
  • EFT payments
  • Receipts issued

Reconcile your trust account as often as you wish. Just select a date, enter in the closing bank balance from your statement and tick all receipts and payments and you’re done.

Generate your banking deposit slips automatically  in a format acceptable to your bank, including details of cheques and cash banked. At any time create a daily banking report between any two nominated dates.

Draw fees, searches, stamp duty and GST, as a batch using dedicated holding accounts. You can even create your own holding accounts for whatever purpose you like.

The trust account system has been accepted by our clients auditors since its introduction in 2007