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With the ever-changing technology in this world, we have ensured that our software is ahead of the game when it comes to ease of use, functionality and integration. For that reason, Cats is now a web-based application.

You can access CATS from anywhere in the world provided you have internet access, including a mobile phone (so no need for an app).

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Introudcing our team

Andrew Xenides

Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Computer and Information Science from UniSA in 2001. He worked as a software and web developer for various internet service providers creating database applications for both customer use and company use. He also has a background in system and network administration having performed roles in the helpdesk and as a system administrator.

In 2007 Andrew became a conveyancer and joined Nick at BLHL Conveyancing where he worked as a conveyancer for 8 years. When CATS became the number 1 conveyancing software package in South Australia, Andrew divided his time between working as a conveyancer and providing support for CATS users. In 2015 Andrew transitioned to work on the CATS package full time but still keeps up to date with conveyancing helping out at both BLHL Conveyancing and Cornerstone Conveyancing as needed.

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Software Overview

Founded in 2005

CATS was initially created in 2005 by Nicholas Xenides, a conveyancer well respected in the industry as a tool for running his own firm. Within a few years, word got out about a conveyancing software package that was developed by a conveyancer and before long CATS became the most used software package in South Australia.

Fully Customised For User & Business Satisfaction

CATS has come a long way over the years. From a small single user program to a fully customisable, 100% portable, system independent web based application.

Your Portable & Easy To Use Solution

CATS can now be used on any device anywhere in the world. All you need is an active internet connection.

Benefits of using CATS

  • There is no fixed term contract. You can cancel any time you like and payment will be adjusted to the end of the current month.
  • The CATS trust system is by now very familiar to all SA auditors who currently act for individual conveyancing practices.
  • Nearly all SA conveyancers and their staff are familiar with CATS, so it is very likely that a  new employee will need no training time.
  • No disruption to your daily operation which may arise from a transition glitch or even without one.
  • If you decide to end your subscription with CATS, your data will be available to you always at no cost and you won’t have to apply to us to retrieve it.