Why Choose Cats?


Reasons To Choose Us

  • CATS is owned and operated in South Australia since 2006 and developed by SA conveyancers who know SA systems.
  • CATS has evolved through input from many South Australian conveyancers who have suggested additions and variations.
  • There is no fixed term contract. You can cancel any time you like and payment will be adjusted to the end of the current month.
  • The CATS trust system is by now very familiar to all SA auditors who currently act for individual conveyancing practices.
  • Nearly all SA conveyancers and their staff are familiar with CATS, so it is very likely that a  new employee will need no training time.
  • No disruption to your daily operation which may arise from a transition glitch or even without one.
  • If you decide to end your subscription with CATS, your data will be available to you always at no cost and you won’t have to apply to us to retrieve it.
  • CATS is genuinely fully cloud based, it’s not just your data which is on the ‘cloud’. This means that CATS is accessible on any device including iPad, Mac or a computer you built yourself as long as in can get onto the  internet. That’s because no software whatsoever needs to be installed on that device, which means genuine portability.
  • Continuing to run in the background of the cloud version will be a dynamic error logging facility, meaning we (Nickel IT) will be aware of any system fault that may occur anywhere, even before the user knows, so it can be fixed immediately.
  • It is planned that we will have full integration with PEXA during this month. You will not be contacted by any other third party to complete the integration, as it will be built in.
  • For 95% of our users, it is cheaper or no dearer than what is being charged by other software distributors.
  • CATS is the same program that was until recently, promoted by our previous backers as the best conveyancing software around.
  • There will be no automatic entry into a lottery for a chance to win a prize if you stay on, only a guarantee that we will continue to improve the CATS system and provide the best service possible.